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12V Speed Controller Dimmer

This handy circuit can be utilized as a velocity regulateler for a 12V motor rated up to 5A (continuous) or as a dimmer for a 12V halogen or usual incandescent lamp rated up to 50W. It varies the facility to the weight (motor or lamp) the usage of pulse width modulation (PWM) at a pulse frequency of around 220Hz.  SILICON CHIP has produced quite a few DC speed regulatelers through the 12 monthss, the most latest being our high-power 24V 40A design featured in the March & April 2008 considerations. Another very popular design is our 12V/24V 20A design featured in the June 1997 issue and we've also featured plenty of reversible 12V designs.
Project Image :
 12V Speed Controller/Dimmer Project Image

For many utilitys although, a lot of these designs are over-kill and a much more effective circuit will suffice. Which is why we are offering this basic design which uses a 7555 timer IC, a Mosfet and no longer much else. Being a easy design, it does no longer screen motor back-EMF to supply superior speed legislation and nor does it have any fancy overload safety aside from a fuse. However, it is a very environment friendly circuit and the equipment cost is somewhat low.

Parts layout:

Connection diagram:

There are many softwares for this circuit with the intention to all be in protecting with 12V motors, lovers or lamps. You can use it in automotives, boats, and recreational vehicles, in variation boats and adaptation railways and so on. Want to keep watch over a 12V fan in a car, automotiveavan or computer? This circuit will do it for you. The circuit makes use of a 7555 timer (IC1) to generate variable width pulses at about 210Hz. This forces Mosfet Q3 (via transistors Q1 & Q2) to control the rate of a motor or to dim an incandescent lamp.

Circuit diagram :
12V Speed Controller/Dimmer Circuit Diagram

While the circuit can dim 12V halogen lamps, we must point out that dimming halogen lamps may be very wasteful. In state of affairss where you need dimmable 12V lamps, you will be a lot better off substituting 12V LED lamps which are now conveniently available in standard bayonet, miniature Edison screw (MES) and MR16 halogen bases. Not simplest are these LED alternative lamps far more efficient than halogen lamps, they do not get any place close to as hot and additionally will last an ideal deal longer.

Source : Silicon Chip

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