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The worker can simply press the pagedown button of cell phone jammer

The worker can simply press the pagedown button of cell phone jammer .
Promise as a wireless presenter products use 2.4G ISM band. The bands product, if less than 1 mW transmit power, is not obtained "Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate (SRRC)" The. ISM band that is industrial, scientific and medical band. Generally speaking, countries around the world to retain some of the wireless spectrum to be used for industrial, scientific and medical applications of microwave. No permit application of these bands, just to comply with certain transmission power (typically less than 1W), and do not cause interference to other bands can. ISM band regulations in each country are not uniform. In the United States there are three bands 902-928 MHz ,2400-2484 .5 MHz and 5725-5850 MHz, while in Europe there is part of the 900MHz band is used for GSM communication. The 2.4GHz ISM band common for countries, promise for the 2.4G wireless presenter products are in this band, so no need to obtain permission. cell phone jammer can help achieve the free presentation of the electronic document.
Demonstrator for wireless products promise the maximum transmit power of 1mW, the radiation is very weak. Our products work only when the maximum radiated power equivalent to a normal GSM mobile calls when the maximum radiated power of 1 / 700. So it will not cause injury. Since our products are used for one-code technology, the receiver only receives a corresponding address code transmitter. Both products have frequency hopping, when a serious band interference, it will automatically jump to another frequency band, so using both sets of products will not interfere with each other. Radio Frequency RF is an abbreviation, is the radio frequency technology. Wireless local area network WLAN and mobile phones using radio frequency technology. cell phone jammer can effectively manipulate the turning over of the multimedia.
Wireless Presenter products in technology, and RF is the corresponding infrared technology, called IR. Computers and air conditioning remote control using infrared IR remote control technology. Products using infrared technology direction, the transmitter must align the receiver, and no intervening obstructions. Distance is not more than 7 meters from electromagnetic interference, the advantages of infrared products is the product of low cost, cheap. cell phone jammer can make it very convenient to make speeches.
Using radio frequency technology products are used radio waves to transmit control signals, and its directional characteristics, can not "face to face" control, distance, up to tens of meters.

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