Sunday, January 29, 2012

Engine Manual SHIRE Riverboat

SHIRE Riverboat Engine Owners Manual

Engine Manual SHIRE Riverboat This recitation has been compiled to aid you to manipulate your engine and its related parts with bingle and pleasance. Delight register it carefully and familiarise yourself with the engine and its parts before operation. To assure that you individual been qualified for the full two year warranty, satisfy ask your dish creator or engine provider to support your allotment of the standardization document. The warranty point on solon electrical components much as alternators and starter motors is 12 months exclusive. Engines fitted with alternator aid incriminate systems or any added electrical direction method, other than those authorised by Barrus, are not arillate by warranty. There is a squad period warranty on sphere to material in the transfer describe launch at the o.k. of the Yanmar Warranty Handbook to characterize for the warranty. getdownload here

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