Friday, November 16, 2012

2002 Volvo XC70 L5-2.4L Rear Wheel Hub Replacing Service

Remove the rear wheel the screw for the drive shaft / wheel hub. Removing the rear wheel hub
Remove the brake caliper mounting screws. Hang the caliper up with a piece of wire the locating pin for the brake disc the brake disc the ABS-cable holder the ABS sensor. Hang up the sensor using a piece of wire.
Remove the spring strut from the lower control arm Note: the spring strut is slightly compressed. Remove the anti-roll bar from the upper control arm Use a Torx wrench as a counterhold so that the rubber boot is not damaged. Remove the tie rod from the wheel spindle. Angle the tie rod upwards so that the inner mounting for the control arm is exposed the screw holding the lower mounting for the control arm to the sub-frame. Bend the control arm downwards. Remove the screws from rear wheel hub the rear wheel hub from the wheel spindle and drive shaft. Note: Clean the splines on the drive shaft before installing the new wheel hub. Lubricate the splines using oil.


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