Friday, November 16, 2012

Delphi XM Roady XT user's Manual

Your RoadyXT can store up to 30 channels as your favorite presets. The presets are organized into three banks (A, B or C) that each contain 10 presets. Press the "pre/dir" button one or more times to select a Bank A, B or C (step 1). After you have tuned to the desired channel, press and hold a number button to save the channel in this presets (step 2).

Memory and jump Press "memory" to remember a song title or artist. Your roadyXT remember up to 20 entries. (After 20, any new entry overwrites the oldest entry in memory.)Personalizing your roadyXT You can easily customize your roadyXT to fit your listening habits. Simply press the menu button to see the options that you can customize. If ever lost or decide not to change anything, press the menu button several times to return to normal operation. Or simply to wait about 15 seconds and roadyXT automatically cancels everything that you do.

Audio level You may be able to customize the audio output level if the roadyXT is too high (causing distortion) or too low. Select a setting, so that the sound your other sources fits XM audio, such as FM radio or CD player. To change the audio output level, press the menu button and select "audio Level, you can use the arrow buttons to adjust the level and the button" choose "to confirm. Press the menu button to exit.

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