Friday, November 16, 2012

Sanyo CRSR-10 satellite Sirius receiver manual

Sanyo CRSR-10 satellite Sirius receiver manual: Press and hold button for 2 seconds PROCESSES DISP-display to activate channel list (top right). You will see the channel list screen displays all the available channels regardless of the category:-PROCESSES DISP button while pressing the on-screen channel list will change the display between a channel name. Artist name (middle right) and song title (bottom right). You can use this feature to search for a specific artist or a song that plays during the year. press the CHANNEL up or down to find the channel you want.

Memory (MEMO) and search functions (S-SEEK) song This feature allows you to capture and store the current artist and song title with a total of 10 entries (10 artist/song Title combination). The unit also has the ability to search the current incoming SIRIUS signal and notify you when a saved song is invested. Audio jack connector options If you would like to use the supplied audio Jacks (shown below) instead of the built-in wireless FM transmitter, you must first confirm that your car stereo RCA jacks or a mini plug input utility. If Yes, can you connect your CRSR-10 directly into your car's stereo. Please consult a qualified Dealer for installation option. get from here

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