Friday, November 16, 2012

Mercedes Benz Actros Owners Manual

Mercedes Benz Actros Specifications. It is designed on the basis of state-of-the-art ergonomics and safety aspects and offers a great deal of space and storage facilities (side panels, roof, doors and rear panel). Mercedes Benz Actros Specifications Contents : Actros Cabs, Cab Drawings, Actros Engines, Transmissions, Chassis Frame, Truck Tractor, Freight Carrier, Tipper and All Wheel Drive. Actros Engines Features :

    Reinforced cylinder head due to high-strength materials
    Inductively hardened cylinder head lower face and enhanced cylinder head gasket for reducing wear and for a higher thermal load rating
    Enhanced injection system with modified injection nozzles for reduced thermal loading in engine-brake operation
    Enhanced piston cooling, piston rings and piston-pin bearing assemblies for reduced, constant oil consumption throughout the entire engine service life and a  higher mechanical load rating
    Reduced gas-exchange losses by enhancement of the exhaust ports and the exhaust-gas stub to accommodate the engine-brake flap
    New-generation turbochargers with high-strength impeller for maximum mechanical stability, increased air throughput and enhanced efficiency
    Extended valve-adjustment intervals due to wear-resistant materials
    Long-life alternator and enhanced countershaft starter

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